• Future Innovated,Innovation Realized
  • Future Innovated,Innovation Realized

We study how to realize innovation, not the results of innovation.
We will talk about the philosophy and inspiration that make innovation manifest itself,
and how innovators think and collaborate.
We try to make sure that more people can realize the innovation they have imagined.

A cutting-edge laboratory, the 'Hankook Technodome'

How much can your working space reflect the values that your company seeks?

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"McLaren" Product Designer of Hidden Systems

As a product designer at McLaren Applied Technologies, known for its F1 racing cars, Jong-woo Choi designs intangible experiences and services.

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Fashion on Tires

Why is Hankook Tire joining hands with Peaches, the youngest and "hottest" brand?

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3D Printing,
Infinite Potential in Materials

New materials have always brought about new innovations.

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Hankook Technology Group – 3D Printing, Infinite Potential in Materials

Nordic Design, Communicating with High-Tech

Designer Ji-won Seo is currently working at Swift Creatives, a Dutch studio that is receiving much attention.

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Hankook Technology Group – Communicating with High Tech, Northern European Design, Designer Ji-won Seo

DTM's New Challenge

Mercedes-Benz is leaving, and Astor Martin is joining. DTM is getting ready for a new era.

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Hankook Technology Group – DTM's New Challenge

"Motorsports is a team sports."

2019 Champion Team Hankook AtlasBX Racing
Director Hang-woo Cho

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Hankook Technology Group – Be a Pâtissier with a 3D Printer, Dianara Kasko

From Architect To Pâtissier and Influencer With 600K Followers

Ukrainian Pastry Chef Dianara Kasko becomes a star in Instagram.

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