• Future Innovated,Innovation Realized
  • Future Innovated,Innovation Realized

We study how to realize innovation, not the results of innovation.
We will talk about the philosophy and inspiration that make innovation manifest itself,
and how innovators think and collaborate.
We try to make sure that more people can realize the innovation they have imagined.

inspires company innovation

In today's rapidly changing world, re-branding is an aggressive approach that is brought to the next level to go beyond brand renewal.

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Small Space, Big Idea
"Mini Living" by "BMW"

What would a house look like if made by BMW? Learn about the global living trends from Oke Hauser, the 'MINI Living' Creative Lead.

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Baking a Geometric Masterpiece

Learn how an architect major could use 3D printing to become a globally renowned pastry chef.

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Maestro of High-Tech Architecture, Foster+Partners
Global Office Project 3

Listen to what Poster & Partners has to say about its work on Apple Center, McLaren Technology Center and Hankook Technology Group building.

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Hankook Technology Group – 3D Printing, Infinite Potential in Materials

The Supreme in Motor Sports,'Peaches'

Watch this video about an interview with Yeo In-taek, CEO of Peaches, a hip street car fashion brand that mesmerizes luxury brands.

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Hankook Technology Group – Communicating with High Tech, Northern European Design, Designer Ji-won Seo

Enuma Captivates Silicon Valley by Making Studying More Fun

Learn about the experiences of Lee Su-in, CEO of Enuma, whose study app was named the winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE sponsored by Elon Musk.

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Hankook Technology Group – DTM's New Challenge

7 High-Tech Libraries
in the World

Explore a library designed by one of the most aesthetically daring technicians
of our time with digital technology: A sure choice for your places-to-visit.

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Hankook Technology Group

Hyper-connected Smart Factories of
3 global companies

Explore how smart factories of Siemens in Germany, GE in the U.S., Fanuc in Japan and Hankook Engineering Works in Korea are evolving and growing in an innovative way.

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  • A cutting-edge laboratory,
    the 'Hankook Technodome'
  • 3D Printing, Infinite Potential in Materials
  • ReGen Village Project,
    Restoration of
    a Community and Financial Independence
  • DTM's New Challenge
  • Nordic Design, Communicating with High-Tech
  • Creation Through Imitation of Life, "Hexa"